About PSYL

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PSYL is designed for Students in grade 10-12 (usually ages 15-18). This includes those entering grade 10 in September 2019, and those graduating Grade 12 in June 2019.

Program Format

PSYL is an intensive, interactive and experiential learning program from dawn to dusk. We want students to enjoy themselves at a safe, exceptional campus on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Each day is a blend of educational, recreational, cultural and social activities. PSYL believes in the power of education to be real and relevant to the challenges facing the world and young people across the globe. Each summer, we build an international youth community committed to discovering who they are and what incredible change they can create. 

The seminar is designed to strengthen the role young people play as community and world leaders. Participants are encouraged to broaden their perspectives on key global issues and are offered opportunities to develop the skills they need – conflict transformation, facilitation, consensus decision making and action planning – to grow as leaders around the themes of peace, ecological sustainability, social justice and intercultural understanding.  

Session Themes

Over the course of PSYL, we explore concepts of leadership from diverse perspectives. At PSYL, leadership  is not about who is at the front of the room, who speaks the loudest or who is the most popular. Instead, we understand leadership as having the courage to ask yourself the big questions and to translate your ideas into meaningful action. Below are some of the themes we learn about during the program:

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  • Ecological outdoor education in a temperate rainforest setting

  • Local, national and international social justice issues

  • Creative action and arts-based change

  • Indigenous ideas and traditions

  • Facilitation, conflict transformation and mediation

  • Cross-cultural and diversity training

  • Communication skills and story-telling

  • Personal reflection and self-awareness exploration

  • Critical thinking, problem-solving and group decision-making



Earn High School Credit

PSYL has been approved by the Ontario and BC Ministries of Education to offer students high school credits. In order to receive the credit(s), the student must enroll in the Accredited version of the program.
The Accredited Program sits within the regular program experience with added focus on capturing the Participants experiences and learning.  The Participants will also be required to attend an extra meeting every few days, complete some additional written work and submit a Final Paper at the end of the Program.  
Students from Ontario can receive an Interdisciplinary Studies, Grade 12, University Preparation (IDC4U) single credit. The prerequisite for this course is any other university/college preparation course. Please confirm with your school Principal or Academic Counselor to make sure you qualify to receive this credit.
Students from British Columbia can receive 4 credits at the Grade 12 level through the External Credentials Program. Please confirm with your school Principal or Academic Counselor to make sure you qualify to receive this credit.
Students from all other areas will need to check with your school Principal or Academic Counselor to see if you qualify.


PSYL 2019 takes place from Sunday July 14, 2019 to Saturday August 3, 2019. 

Arrival Day

Students may arrange for arrival anytime on July 14. Orientation activities will take place on a rotating basis throughout the day, with our first full welcome session taking place after dinner.