Overview for Parents

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Over the past forty-five years, Pearson College UWC has earned a reputation of excellence in facilitating international educational experiences. As an initiative of the college, PSYL brings more than twenty years of experience in the field of youth leadership development to each summer's program. The safety, well-being, and learning of our participants is of utmost importance, and we build the program with the intention of giving everyone a chance to find their voice.


At PSYL, we aim to create an inclusive community where youth are celebrated for their individuality. We encourage participants to see the world from multiple perspectives, and empower them to step into their own incredible leadership capacity. We offer participants opportunities for leadership in every aspect of the program, and have found that youth step up with integrity and creativity when given the chance to problem-solve, initiate action, and be counted as a contributing member of a community. We sincerely believe in the power of young people to understand and respond to global issues in new and meaningful ways. 

While we invite participants to step outside of their comfort zones, we prioritize the physical and emotional safety of participants in everything we do. We believe that the best learning happens when young people are challenging themselves and still feel safe. Our staff bring expertise in risk management from diverse educational settings and are well-practiced in creating learning environments that encourage wise risk-taking. As well, all staff have current first aid training, and many are certified in wilderness first aid and wilderness first response.