Keep the Cycle Going: Pearson Seminar on Collaborative Leadership

Keep The Cycle Going:
Pearson Seminar on Collaborative Leadership

Your Invitation Back to Pearson
June 10-22, 2018

Reconnect, share skills, and explore your next steps in an intentional community

Want to return to Pearson College for a program like PSYL? We’re launching Keep the Cycle Going: Pearson Seminar on Collaborative Leadership (PSCL) this June and want you to join us!


We know you’ve been on a journey since PSYL, developing skills, learning, growing, and asking questions. You may be at a point where you need time to recharge, are at a moment of change, or are feeling stuck. You may be excited to share your passions and connect with other changemakers. Keep the Cycle Going invites you to dive into some of your questions, deepen your skills and knowledge, and practice walking your talk – all in an intentional community like PSYL.

Like PSYL, our focus will be on leadership, social justice, environmental justice, and personal growth. We will still have Spirit Spots, Circles, Carpe Diems/Craft’Ems, and spend time in community building and on the land. And yes, we will even play with consensus.
We’re also  leaving lots of space in the program for topics and discussions that feel important to our community.  

We’re committed to making this program collaborative. The majority of workshops will be led or informed by participants. We will host at least 2 optional pre-program calls for all participants to discuss your hopes, dreams, and needs for the program and make some program-related decisions together. Furthermore, during the program, we will be responsive to needs and requests, co-creating a program that supports our whole community.  

Excited, intrigued, and/or curious about this new program? Register now. There is an early bird discount on registration until January 31, 2018. Full details are below.

We can’t wait to build this program with you!




Here are a few reasons why past PSYL participants said they would be excited to return to Pearson for Keep the Cycle Going:


“The skills I learned at PSYL (a whole decade ago!) as a participant and facilitator have really helped in my personal and professional life. They are still things I reach into my back pocket for today - and I still have all my journals from those two summers. It would be awesome to revisit something that made such a big impact.”
“PSYL 1.0 was a transformative experience that taught me so much about self-assessment and community building. I have always felt that it would be incredible to connect with an amazing network of alumni, and to deepen what we learned at an older age.”



When/where will this program take place?
June 10-22, 2018
Pearson College UWC, Sc’ianew Territory

Who’s this program for?
We’re inviting past PSYL participants, animators/facilitators, and coordinators who will be over 18 years of age on June 10, 2018.


How big will our community be?
Our community will be limited to 30 participants, 3 coordinators, and potentially a few guests.

A team of 3 coordinators will design and hold the program. Unlike PSYL, there are only coordinators and participants in this program, and no animators/facilitators. We will announce the staff team by the end of January/ early February 2018. Initially we will opent he program to past PSYL alumni, and may open it up to other interested individuals if there is space and interest from our community. 


How much will it cost?
The program fee will be announced in early January. An early bird rate applies before January 31, 2018.

We will have a few bursaries available. Bursary applications and information will be available in January 2018. Two-four spots in the program will be held for bursary-supported participants. Most bursaries will cover a portion of the cost of attending the program - not a full scholarship.


Where do I register?
Ready to sign up? Sign up using our registration website (opening in January 2018). Registration opens in early January, 2018.

Want to be notified immediately when registration opens? E-mail saying you want to be e-mailed when registration is open.

**Early Bird Registration Discount Applies until January 31, 2018**


Who do I contact for more information?
Contact our team at