PSYL Team: Program Coordinators

Members of the 2018 Coordinator team (L-R): Rebekah Parker, brad davis, Miranda Bahng. Missing: Michelle Clarke, Faye Bontje , María Escolán, Kathryn Mc Cabe, Vrindy Spencer, Sonya Boya

Members of the 2018 Coordinator team (L-R): Rebekah Parker, brad davis, Miranda Bahng. Missing: Michelle Clarke, Faye Bontje , María Escolán, Kathryn Mc Cabe, Vrindy Spencer, Sonya Boya



Our core team of Program Coordinators come from a variety of backgrounds including social justice, teaching, and outdoor experiential education. Each year, they come together to design PSYL, and then facilitate activities and workshops throughout the program. They offer resources and mentorship to participants in developing their own incredible ideas and projects.  



Below are detailed descriptions about our PSYL 2019 Coordinators.


Co-Directors: Kathryn Mc Cabe & Vrindy Spencer

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Kathryn (Kat) Mc Cabe is thrilled to be returning to Vancouver Island to experience the community of PSYL once again!

Having spent her teenage years lost, with no real sense of self or purpose, Kat eventually connected with her passion in her twenties - when she found a radical masters in Australia called Social Ecology. It enabled her to engage with complex systems, design context specific change strategies and, crucially, feel inspired about what is possible when people feel respected and trusted to take the next step towards transformation. Kat has spent the years since then learning and unlearning; who she is, what the world needs and how she can contribute to…well…changing the world.

Kat's passion is for designing and facilitating emergent programs that can deeply meet the needs of the group. She values intersectional leadership that is personally empowering and enlivening, and that supports social justice and ecological wellbeing. Her area of focus is on personal and interpersonal relationship development, as well as a sense of ‘spiritual’ connection to place. Kat brings a complexity science
perspective that emphasizes actions and reflective practice that integrate personal, social, political and environmental concerns and possibilities. It allows for big picture thinking whilst generating local, context specific strategies for change.
Kat now works internationally (Ireland (Kat's homeland), UK, Australia and Canada) as an independent consultant and facilitator for groups that are engaged in transformational change.


Vrindy Spencer started designing and facilitating activities at international peace-education camps when she was 15 and has been drawn to continue this work ever since.

She is inspired to support the realization of a greater sense of self-worth that individuals develop through being part of short-term intentional communities. She studied and wrote her undergraduate thesis at Quest University on “What conditions optimize a sense of belonging?” and looked at the question “How can I facilitate group intimacy?” She completed her adult education diploma and loves the realm of curriculum development, facilitation, and program coordination. She has staffed various international peace education camps and designed and facilitated her own personal development programs for groups from scratch.

Currently she is a Residence Life Coordinator at Simon Fraser University, volunteers as a program coordinator for a non-profit with the mission to increase self-awareness and connection globally, is co-creating a mindfulness retreat, and is an avid swing dancer. She is stepping into a growing passion for diversity and inclusion work.

When she was 17 she wrote her bio to be a PSYL coordinator and feel beyond honoured to support the community through co-directorship.

Kat and Vrindy met in 2018 as coordinators and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work together supporting the PSYL 2019 community develop and thrive.

2019 Coordinators will be hired in March!