Youth Animators

Crucial to the success of PSYL are the Animators, who bring their enthusiasm and energy to ensure the program is a dynamic experience for participants. We select these animators from students at our partner United World Colleges around the globe. As well, we invite some of the previous year's participants to return as animators to grow their leadership skills . In addition to acting as role models and mentors, our youth animators bring invaluable skills and unique experiences to PSYL, while also integrating a rich international perspective.

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The 2017 Animator Team creates a living tableau during training week (above).

Want to apply to be an Animator for PSYL 2018? Please visit the Careers Page of our website

The 2013 Facilitator Team

The 2013 Facilitator Team

Want to learn more about the experience of being a Animator?

Check out this blog by past animator Shobhit Kumar, where he writes:

"As a whole, the seminar was literally indescribable. Instead of teaching me what a leader is, it taught me how a leader is. Instead of teaching me to care for others, it taught me how to love.

"Each day began with a 45-minute community-building session in which everyone sat in a circle, did energizers (songs, games, etc.), had a check in (to see how everyone was feeling mentally, physically and emotionally), and conversed about issues in the community. Most days also included a Spirit Spot in which everyone would go out into nature and simply sit and reflect for 45 minutes. It might seem cheesy (it surely did to me at first), but it is insane how much staring at a tree can tell you about yourself .

"Our first days were awkward; first impressions were even more awkward. After everyone got past the what’s your name? phase, bonding happened at a speed faster than light. Through games, songs, workshops and many special days throughout the summer, we got to deeply acquaint ourselves with one another. We jumped in the freezing bay together, danced salsa together, made decisions together (always using consensus), shared our talents together, and spent every waking hour of the day together. Oh, and our favorite shape became a circle."