Packing List


Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership

Here is a more detailed list of what to bring to Pearson College this summer. A few general thoughts: 

  1. You have to carry your luggage! This key point is often overlooked at the packing stage, and can result in injury (or just plain frustration) when it comes to the lifting stage. This list should help you pare down a bit, and remember: there are laundry machines in each dorm so you don’t need to bring different clothes for each day! You don’t need to pay for laundry soap or the machines. Please pack lightly so we can fit everyone in the vans when we pick you up at the airport! 

  2. Borrow what you can! Although it may be tempting, try to avoid going out and buying a whole bunch of new things. If there’s something that you’re missing – maybe a friend, cousin or second-hand store has it.

  3. There won’t be time for supply runs once you get here – and remember, we are far away from the city. Bring everything you will need for the 3-week duration. There are no stores near campus. 


·         Small day bag (fits lunch, water, notebook and extra layers)

·         Raincoat and rain pants (waterproof- we spend time outdoors; rain is uncommon nowadays but some summers are wetter than others)

·         Warm hat or toque (YES, it really, really does get that cold here some nights- we are in a rain-forest!)

·         Fleece Jacket or wool Sweater (cotton hoodies don’t count-it gets cold in mornings/evenings and night)

·         A pair of non-cotton pants (i.e. wind pants, tear-a-ways, or rain pants)

·         Some dress (up) clothes (formal, costumes, plus goofy shirts/outfits, second-hand store finds, etc.…) we usually have a celebratory dinner so bring something you feel good in.

·         A Sunhat

·         Sunscreen

·         Towel

·         Natural bug repellent

·         Medical Insurance Information (photocopy of provincial or private medical insurance card)

·         Water bottle

·       1 pair of outdoor shoes (running shoes/light hikers)

·         1 pair of sandals (the kind you can walk in the woods or play in- not the strappy kind with 3-inch heels!)

·    Clothes including, but not limited to: shirts (warm and cool), pants, shorts, sweatshirt, swimsuit, socks (add 2 wool pair), underwear, hats, skirts, other footwear, sleepwear

·    Personal toiletries; shampoo, conditioner, shower wash, menstruation products, (soap provided) and anything else you use

·    Any prescription medications (please bring a second emergency set)

·    A 3-ring binder or notebook and writing implement


·    Flashlight

·    Alarm Clock

·    Coloured pencils/pens

·    A book or a journal

·    Sports gear

·    Musical Instrument


·    Pillows/ sheets/ blankets

·    Anything Valuable

·    Computers; there is a computer lab available on campus

 PLEASE NOTE: Recent studies have indicated a direct co-relation between the likelihood of retrieving a lost item, and the presence of the owner’s name on said item.  OK, OK, would your initials be asking too much? (“Sharpie” markers work well and are laundry-proof). Lost items during the program are usually notebook, jackets, hoodies, water bottles, sunglasses)


·     cigarettes, alcohol, or narcotic drugs (see policy outlined in Seminar Expectations)

·     anything valuable

·     nuts ** Please note that because we are a nut safe facility, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT STUDENTS DO NOT BRING ANY FOOD OR SNACKS THAT CONTAIN NUTS OR TRACES OF NUTS.

We hope we have answered everything above, so please check this document. If there is anything we have missed or is unclear please contact us!

Office number during program: 1-250-391-2432 (June 26th-August 7th)

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