Pearson Seminar on Collaborative Leadership (PSCL)

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Pearson Seminar on Collaborative Leadership

What does it means to lead together?

Pearson Seminar on Collaborative Leadership (PSCL) is a new program that we launched in June 2018.

This experiential program grew out of the Pearson Seminar of Youth Leadership (PSYL) and is open to people 18+ years old interested in mobilizing toward social change who have experience in community organizing, anti-oppressive work, experience that is grounded in social justice, or have participated in experiential programs such as/or similar to PSYL and the United World Colleges. If you are under 18 and are interested in PSCL, please contact us at as we work to include everyone! 


This program came together knowing that as we work to make change in the world - developing skills, growing, and asking questions - we often reach times where we find ourselves needing to recharge, where we are at a moment of change (but where to go?), or are feeling stuck or isolated. We may be excited to share our passions and connect with other changemakers. Maybe we want to collaborate with new people!

PSCL invites you to come dive into some of your questions, deepen you skills and knowledge, and practice what it means to be a leader.

Some questions that we will explore:

  • What personal skills do we need to lead together?

  • How do we foster trust, creativity, and compromise with others?

  • What does inclusive leadership look like?

  • How do we have difficult conversations with people we may not agree with?

  • How can I run a program or build a community like at PSYL or a UWC?

Our focus is leadership, social justice, environmental justice, and personal growth. Essentially the issues that are impacting our world, how we relate to them, and how they affect us. We’re committed to making this program collaborative and responsive to your needs, before and during the program. We’ll be a small group (approx 25 participants) - which creates more opportunities to focus on what we need (individually and as a group) to move us forward.

We can’t wait to #leadtogether with you!

Kat, Kelsey and Rebekah
The PSCL Team

Here are a few reasons why past PSYL participants said they would be excited to return to Pearson Seminar on Collaborative Leadership (PSCL):


“The skills I learned at PSYL (a whole decade ago!) as a participant and facilitator have really helped in my personal and professional life. They are still things I reach into my back pocket for today - and I still have all my journals from those two summers. It would be awesome to revisit something that made such a big impact.”

“PSYL 1.0 was a transformative experience that taught me so much about self-assessment and community building. I have always felt that it would be incredible to connect with an amazing network of alumni, and to deepen what we learned at an older age.”


ARE YOU A UWC ALUMNI or a Youth interested in SOCIAL JUSTICE?


PSCL is currently accepting applications for a group of youth to join us at PSCL.

Register HERE

To apply, complete the registration and essay questions on our registration website.
$200 CAD deposits are due when you are accepted into the program. .

Questions? Contact our team at



Pearson College UWC
Vancouver Island, Canada

We can provide transportation from Victoria Airport (YYJ) or the Swartz Bay Ferry terminal to Pearson College on June 10th throughout the day, as long as we have your travel information. We will provide drop-off to Victoria Airport (YYJ) or Swartz Bay Ferry terminal.

Who’s this program for?
We’re inviting past PSYL participants, animators/facilitators, coordinators, a small group of UWC alumni who will be over 18 years of age on June 10, 2018, and 18+ youth who have social justice experience/education, to join us for this program.

If you are underage (under 18), please contact us as we work to include everyone! 

How big will our group be?
Our community will be limited to 30 participants, 3 coordinators, and potentially a few guests.

A team of 3 coordinators will design and hold the program. Unlike PSYL, there are only coordinators and participants in this program, and no animators/facilitators. 

How much will it cost?
The full program fee is $2,600 CAD. 

FINANCIAL AID is available for interested participants, contact us at for more information and access to financial aid! 

We recognize that systemic barriers, along with the cost, can make the PSCL program inaccessible for many people. Further ideas about how to find funding to attend this program can be found here.


When should I book my travel to Pearson Seminar on Collaborative Leadership?

As soon as you are 'Approved' into the program and receive your 'Welcome' email! 


Who do I contact for more information?
Contact our team at




A team of 3 coordinators will be running the majority of this program. There may be a few guests who visit our program.


Kelsey Cham C.

Yīnyáng rén settler of Chinese-Irish descent living on Coast Salish territories, kelsey is a community organizer and high school drop-out dedicated to revolutionary change for social and climate justice. They spend a lot of time learning from their many practices to find grounded strength, flexibility and humility that support conflict resolution and movement toward positive cultural change. They received their Permaculture Design Certificate from the Nettle’s Guild in Vancouver and is the former garden coordinator at the Purple Thistle youth centre for arts and activism. kelsey is a 3-time national karate champion in Canada and now teaches karate to youth on Mayne Island. Kelsey is also co-founding director of Tiny Tiny Cozy Fest - an arts and music festival centering underrepresented artists of colour, women, queer, trans and 2spirit people as cultural creators and regenerators - and Old Dogwood, a 5-acre land-based community project acting as a bridge for urban and rural exchange on Mayne Island. Kelsey is currently working on what is perhaps the most challenging project of their life so far - building a little house with their partner.



Kathryn Pedder Bay pic.jpg

Kathryn (Kat) Mc Cabe
PSYL Coordinator 2012-2014

I am thrilled to be returning to Vancouver Island to pilot the new Collaborative Leadership program and hope to see familiar faces, as well as other returning PSYLers. I have loved the experience of community that PSYL brings and can’t wait to feel that magic again. I am so excited to find out where the years since PSYL have brought you, what questions you sit with, what barriers and frustrations you’ve met and to discover how we can grow into these together.

Having spent my teenage years lost, with no real sense of self or purpose, I eventually connected with my passion in my twenties when I found a radical masters in Australia called Social Ecology. It enabled me to engage with complex systems, design context specific change strategies and, crucially, feel inspired about what is possible when people feel respected and trusted to take the next step towards transformation. I have spent the years since then learning and unlearning; who I am, what the world needs and how I can contribute to…well…changing the world.

My passion is for designing and facilitating emergent programs that can deeply meet the needs of the group. I value intersectional leadership that is personally empowering and enlivening, and that supports social justice and ecological wellbeing. My area of focus is on personal and interpersonal relationship development, as well as a sense of ‘spiritual’ connection to place. I bring a complexity science
perspective that emphasizes actions and reflective practice that integrate personal, social, political and environmental concerns and possibilities. It allows for big picture thinking whilst generating local, context specific strategies for change.
I now work internationally (Ireland (my homeland), UK, Australia and Canada) as an independent consultant and facilitator for groups that are engaged in transformational change.



Rebekah Parker
PSYL Coordinator 2015-present

I'm grateful to return to the shores of Pedder Bay on Sc'ianew territory this June, and to dive into this new program!

PSYL came into my life in 2006 when I was a participant. I was one of the quietest people there, and the feeling of community, questions about the way the world works, and drive for change have stayed with me since. I'm passionate about challenging systemic issues in our world from ecojustice, decolonization and intersectional perspectives, and finding community-centered solutions.

In my work life I wear many hats – some days I’m playing and learning with 3-12 year olds at a forest school, while others I’m teaching climate science to middle schools classes, or creating communications materials like infographics for organizations. PSYL and PSCL are my happy places; I value how we hold space for dialogue, community and personal needs, and how we can ask big questions about ourselves, the issues in our world, and how we can make change.

I find joy in riding my bike, sitting under cedar trees, and singing in a community choir. One of my proudest moments has been finishing a 10,000+km bicycle trip last year, from Vancouver, BC to Cancun, Mexico and then from Calgary, AB back home to Vancouver.

I can’t wait to meet you all, and build PSCL with you